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Peter Lynch

Painting by Peter Lynch
71x71cm, oil on canvas, 2007

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biography 1971 Born in Burnley, England
1990-1994 B.A. (Hons) Fine Art Painting, Glasgow School of Art
1995-1997 M.A. Fine Art, Goldsmiths College, London
2000-2001 Artist in Residence, Glasgow School of Art
Solo Exhibitions 2005 [Peter Lynch - Long abandoned by all but a few] Andrew Mummery Gallery (London)
2004 [Peter Lynch - Having the Same Picture as Your Neighbour] Edinburgh Printmakers (Edinburgh)
2003 [Peter Lynch] Andrew Mummery Gallery (London)
[Peter Lynch - New Paintings] Ingleby Gallery (Edinburgh)
2002 [Lilo #3, Casting Night] ASC (London)
[Peter Lynch] Galerie Katharina Krohn (Basel, Switzerland)
2001 [Peter Lynch - Paintings 2000 - 2001] Glasgow School of Art (Glasgow)
[The Wonderful Abstract World of Peter Lynch] Ruskin School (Oxford)
1999 [Wonderland] Conductors Hallway (London)
Group Exhibitions 2009 [Black & White] GALLERY TERASHITA (Tokyo, Japan)
2008 [1st Small Format] GALLERY TERASHITA (Tokyo, Japan)
2007 [Made in Europe] GALLERY TERASHITA (Tokyo, Japan)
2005 [Alexis Harding & Peter Lynch] Galerie Katharina Krohn (Basel, Switzerland)
[Painting] Andrew Mummery Gallery (London)
2004 [Ouroboros: The Music of the Spheres] CCA (Glasgow)
2003 [M.O.T. 19 Render Red Nose] M.O.T. (London)
[Lilo #9 Domestic Night] ASC (London)
[Lilo #6 Returning Night] Gasworks Studios (London)
[Contemporary Abstraction] Glasgow Print Studio (Glasgow)
[Lost Collection of an Invisible Man] Laing Art Gallery (Newcastle)
2002 Galerie Katharina Krohn (Basel, Switzerland)
[Last Chance to Paradise] Andrew Mummery Gallery (London)
[Prospects 2002, Contemporary Drawing Exhibition] Essor Gallery (London)
[Lilo #1, One Night] ASC (London)
[Knotproject_1] Friary Road (London)
[The Necessary Evil] Bart Wells Institute (London)
[Diplomatic Immunity] Hunter College of Art (New York )
Andrew Mummery Gallery (London)
2000 [Cheltenham Open drawing exhibition 2000] Hull, Cheltenham (England - Sierre, Switzerland)
[Beautiful] Oxo Tower (London)
1999 [Absolut Open] Inverleith House, Royal Botanic Gardens (Edinburgh)
[Locale] City Art Gallery (Edinburgh)
1998 [Cluster Bomb] Morrison Judd, 1&3 French Place (London)
[Summer Show] Trade Apartment, Market Row, Brixton (London)
[One Night Pub] Unit, Copperfield Row (London)
[Canny, Drawing Show] Windermere Road (London)
1997 [Humdrum] The Trade Apartment, Market Row, Brixton (London)
[Debonair Goofers] Conductors Hallway (London)
1996 [Glasgow-Berlin] Berlin Glasgow, Carl-Hoffer Society (Berlin)
[Dean Street Garage Sale] 22 Dean Street (Soho London)
1995 [almost no relation to reality, a retrospective] Collective Gallery (Edinburgh)
[almost no relation to reality] Newbery Gallery (Glasgow)
1994 [Don't Look Back] Oldknowns Gallery (Nottinghamz)
[Doppelganger] Galerie im Kulturzentrum (Mainz, Germany)
[Khaki Mac] Mackintosh Gallery , Glasgow School of Art
1993 [Comments on Communication] 99 Hutchinson Street (Glasgow)

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